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Head Lice FAQ Jul 15, 2019 »

Ready or not it is that time of year again: Back to School! It's hard to believe that our summer is already coming to a quick end. But with back to school approaching that also means, as parents, we start worrying about the ever dreaded head lice! Although there isn't an actual head lice "season", back to school brings all of our kiddos back together in close quarters which makes for the perfect environment for these creepy little critters! Here is a list of a few common misconceptions about…

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Dandruff myths and Facts Jun 10, 2019 »

What is dandruff?
The most common type of dandruff is Pityriasis Capitis Simplex- causes by oil from the sebaceous glands mixed with dead skin cells and/or product build up. The results in itchiness and flaking of the scalp. This type of dry dandruff can get worse due to dry skin,stress,poor diet,poor hygiene, and product buildup, sensitivity to products.

Common myths about dandruff and flaking
1. Some people believe you should scratch away the flakes before shampooing.
Myth: Roughing up…
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What I've Learned in 14 years as a Hairstylist Jun 06, 2019 »

Becoming a hairstylist was always in the back of my mind. From a young age I was styling my barbies or applying makeup to my dolls. By the time I was 13, I had given my best friend bangs and did her hair and makeup for a school dance. After I graduated high school, got married, and had been fired from the second job I had ever had it was time to figure this whole adulting thing out. I had no idea what I was going to do. I felt lost. It was my sister who nudged me to follow my dreams and I am…

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Healthiest Sleeping Positions Oct 13, 2016 »

Healthiest Sleeping Positions

Your most loved sleeping pose could be giving you back and neck pain, stomach problems, even premature wrinkles. Discover the best sleeping position for your body- plus the one you may want to avoid.

GOOD: Sleeping on the back

Prevents neck & back pain: by maintaining a neutral position for head, neck, and spine

Reduces acid reflux: by keeping your head elevated below your stomach.

Minimizes wrinkles: as in you don’t have anything pushing against your face


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Stronger hair? Sep 03, 2016 »

Let's face it, we put our hair through the ringer on a daily basis. Weather it's with hit styling tools, brushing to roughly or chemical service after chemical service, our hair goes through a lot! Wouldn't it be fantastic if there was a simple 3 step system that can reduce the damage up to 80%*? Look no farther, Strong Sexy Hair is here to save the day!! Made with Aloe Vera and Mango Butter Strong Sexy Hair is able to restore and prevent further breakage while bringing flexibility back into…

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What cleanser is for me? Sep 03, 2016 »

We all know the feeling of being overwhelmed by trying to find the perfect cleanser. How are you to know if you need a gel or a creme? Do you need anti-aging, calming, or cleansing? Without the help of an expert it can get confusing very quickly. Lucky for you, this blog will take you though every step, from sensitive skin to acne prone, aging, and even for those who want an all in one skincare product. For an even more personalized cleansing experience see your Eminence Organics esthetician.

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Let's talk Mental Health Aug 30, 2016 »

Emotional and mental well-being is something we should all take very seriously.

Many people believe in treating the whole person- body, mind, and soul.

Whether you're battling anxiety, depression, or any other mental illness, taking a minute to look at your whole body's well-being can make a world of difference.

The foods you eat, the products you put on your skin, or even the chemicals in your headache medication all play a part in the chemical stress your body is faced with daily. This…Click here to read more.

The high cost of "Professional products without the professional price" Jul 22, 2016 »

If you have ever watched T.V. you've seen the commercials of beautiful women tossing their hair around and claiming that you can get their hair for just a few dollars at your local grocery store. One in particular claims that professionals prefer their products and even goes as far as saying that they have professional quality products without the professional quality price. Before you go pick up that three dollar shampoo, word dig a little deeper into what you're really getting.

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Healthy SCALP starts HERE Jun 02, 2016 »

Dry Scalp is a common disorder affecting almost half of the population of post- pubertal age and of any sex and ethnicity. It’s not something that’s talked about and everyone tries their best to hide it. As common as it is, you would think there would be more treatments out there than the one or two shampoos that claim that their product will clear your scalp. As someone who has been down this path I can personally say that nothing you see on TV works. Why are they so successful?…

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History of Barefoot Massage May 31, 2016 »

Ashiatsu, meaning "foot pressure," dates back as far as the 12th century and was associated with Keralite foot massage called "Chavutti Thirummal."

Chavutti Thirummal was practiced by having a person face down on a mat, and by covering the body with special oils. The practitioner grabbed hold of a rope hung overhead, using it for balance while performing this Hindu and Ayurvedic ritual with bare feet. The technique was given in conjunction with following the energy lines, similar to Thai…Click here to read more.

Beware! May 10, 2016 »

No U.S. government or agency generally accepted agency "grades" or "certifies" essential oils as "therapeutic grade," "medicinal grade," or "aromatherapy grade." In fact, the United States has no formally approved essential oil grading standard. Yet, you see every essential oil independent consultant claiming their "therapeutic grade" oil has the "highest quality" and that you should trust them because they have "done research." Generally the research they are referring to is one hour class…

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Straighten Up! You may want to sit down for this! Apr 07, 2016 »

I vividly remember my middle school principal constantly saying, "Boys don't like girls that slouch!"

"Push your shoulders back! Sitting up straight is more appealing," fast forward a few years and I would hear my dance coach say those words.
But they got it wrong. Slouching may be unattractive but there are a lot of better reasons why you should improve your posture

1.) Deepens depression
San Fransisco Sate University recently conducted a study that showed people who slouched more showed an…Click here to read more.

Hair Extensions, Please! Mar 29, 2016 »

Everyone knows there are TONS of extension brands out there, so why did I choose Babe you ask? A quick Google search landed me no where so I reached out to my always helpful Sexy Hair family for some advice. After speaking with Laura Hickenboth, Sexy Hair Master Artist, and stylist who has been working with extensions for over 12 YEARS, I feel I made the best decision for my clients.

Babe hair extensions are 100% Human Remy hair. What's Remy you ask? Remy hair means the natural cuticle of the…

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Texturizing Cuts 411 Mar 17, 2016 »

Texturized cuts 411:

This is when a stylist uses a razor or sheers to cut hair and cust at an angle. When I think of texturized cuts, my mind goes two different places. You can have short texturized cuts or long texturized cuts.

Texturized hair cuts are popular because the structure of the cut adds volume to the hair naturally. To add a bit of volume to straight, flat hair, ask your stylist for long layers and to add a bit of texture to the ends. If you don't want your hair to look like you…

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Frizzy Hair? Mar 10, 2016 »

Is your curly, frizzy and unruly hair getting the best of your morning routine?? Well the stylists here at Rouge are here to save the day!! We offer Keratin Complex Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment(NKST) to help tame that mane. NKST isn't like your typical straighteners or relaxers that may break the bonds in the hair causing the hair to reform into a more permanently straight strand, instead NKST delivers a more versatile smoother that will still give you the ability to style your hair…

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Get the look 2 Mar 04, 2016 »

How to achieve this look:

1. Soy Tri-Wheat leave in conditioner: spray throughout wet hair to help with conditioning and detangling.
2. 450 Blow Out: Spray throughout wet hair for a weightless heat protectant, smooth, shiny and frizz free hair.
3. Get Layered: Spray throughout styled hair for desired hold level 4 to 6 (4 being a lighter hold and 6 being a medium hold). This flash drying thickening hairspray will leave your hair secured while still having movement as well.
4. Weather Proof:…Click here to read more.

TIME OUT - What's in your makeup? Mar 02, 2016 »

A few years ago I started looking for the perfect makeup line to add to my practice. As an esthetician, I wanted to choose a makeup line that was beneficial to my clients skin. Jane Iredale, the skin care makeup - was my top choice. Not only does it provide great coverage with virtually no touch ups needed but it's also great for your skin! When you hear about Jane you hear words like non-comedogenic, free of Parabens, and high in SPF Content. That all sounds great, but what does it mean? A…

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Get the Look Mar 01, 2016 »

Cut, Color and Style by Shae!! How was still style accomplished you ask?

1. Vibrant Sexy Hair CC Hair Perfector to help lock the color in.
2. Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Creme Oil blow dry creme to help speed up blow dry time and nourish the hair.
3. Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Touchable hair spray for a light hold hair spray and added shine.
4.Style Sexy Hair 450 Protect to protect the hair from heat during blow drying and styling!
For any questions you may have feel free to give our stylists a call…Click here to read more.

25 reasons to get a massage Feb 16, 2016 »

A growing body of research supports the health benefits of massage therapy for many conditions. These are the top 25 reasons you should get a massage.

1. Relieve stress
2. Boost immunity
3. Reduce anxiety
4. Manage low-back pain
5. Help fibromyalgia pain
6. Reduce muscle tension
7. Enhance exercise performance
8. Relieve tension headaches
9. Better sleep
10. Ease symptoms of depression
11. Improve cardiovascular health
12. Reduce pain of osteoarthritis
13. Decrease stress in cancer patients
14.…Click here to read more.

Benefits of a Swedish massage Feb 10, 2016 »

There are almost as many types of massage available as there are benefits to the practice. Different people find the use of different styles of massage more effective, and are likely to recommend those types to others because of their successful experiences. However, when determining what type of massage you would like to use, it is important to match up the type of massage with the desired effect to find the style that would be most effective for you. In this way, your massage experience can…Click here to read more.

Should I cancel my massage? Feb 06, 2016 »

Short answer: Yes

Long Answer: Yes, please. But there’s more.

Massage is great. You know this. But it’s not always a great idea.


When you are sick, your body needs rest. It’s strange to think about it this way, but receiving massage is an active task, it is not entirely rest. Massage causes change in the body, and your body has to work to maintain stability. Getting a massage when you are sick takes attention away from infection-fighting. That’s no good.

You’re not…

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Stop shopping at Walmart Jan 29, 2016 »

Okay, not completely stop shopping there. I may have been exaggerating, but stop going for your skin and hair care. I'm not talking about just Walmart here. I'm saying stop going places where you won't have one on one care from a trained professional. Why? Because more than likely you aren't going to look at your Tarte foundation, which is called the "good-for you-glamor" and know if cyclopentasiloxane is actually natural (hint: it's not). "What about hair care?" You ask, "Why can I buy name…

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Lash extension FAQ Jan 28, 2016 »

Lash Extensions: FAQS

Have you ever heard about lash extensions and wondered if they would be right for you? In this blog, I will address some FAQS we hear from our clients to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

What is a lash extension?

Lash extensions are an extension of your natural lash. Unlike false lashes, lash extensions are glued to each individual natural lash to give your lashes a natural appearance with a little extra flare!

How long will the extensions last?

Your natural…

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Breastfeeding challenges and infant massage Jan 23, 2016 »

by. Shawnda James

Breastfeeding requires complex muscle movements of a infant's jaw, mouth, neck, and upper torso, where the muscles of the throat and esophagus have to engaged to facilitate swallowing. These movements all need to happen in a tiny person who is just getting accustomed to breathing air.

While most breastfeeding duos- mother and infant- get along just fine, others have issues.
Some infants struggle to breastfeed because of musculoskeletal issues. Injuries sustained during birth…Click here to read more.

Alternative to what? Jan 15, 2016 »

Massage has been around even longer than the written word. Ancient hieroglyphics around the world show us the therapeutic benefits of touch was used way before most of the health treatments we use today. Now that leaves us with the question: alternative to what?

How did massage therapy- once championed by a number of influential doctors- become considered alternative?
A group of physicians in the late 19th century advocated for the inclusion of physiotherapists, including manual therapy, as a…Click here to read more.

How to use your essential oils Jan 12, 2016 »

Essential oils are a powerful supplement to any health regime. Now that you have bought your oil of choice you may be thinking to yourself: What now? How am I supposed to use this?Luckily our massage therapist, Shawnda, has the answer for you!


is used to uplift and purify your environment by diffusing your favorite essential oil or essential oil blend. This technique turns your house or workplace into a place to unwind. Because we all know there is no…

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Treat your FEET Jan 12, 2016 »

As a massage therapist during winter I always hear apologies for the state of feet. Although this doesn't bother me, there are lots of reasons why you should invest in a monthly pedicure. Here are a few:

Self Confidence
Weather it be during a massage or at a friends house you will want to take your shoes off in front of people eventually. Don't keep ugly feet from letting you get comfortable.

Early Detection of Problems
Receiving a regular pedicure can help the pedicurist detect early signs of…Click here to read more.

Is glycation aging your skin? Jan 07, 2016 »

Have you been looking for a light consistency oil to fight the effects of poor hydration and aging? Look no further! Eminence has just launched a new facial oil that is nourishing, hydrating and firming that works well with all skin types. The Rosehip Triple C + E Firming Oil is an effective facial treatment comprised of a blend of results-oriented actives and ingredients that provide hydration and protection!

Designed as a complementary product to the Citrus & Kale Potent C + E Serum, the…

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3 Winter Hair Tips Dec 15, 2015 »

Does the cold winter weather have your hair feeling dry and brittle? These 3 simple tips will help you combat the winter dryness.

1. Regular Trims- Keeping your hair trimmed regularly will reduce the look of dry and frizzy ends by snipping away the split ends off your hair.

2. Shampoo Less- Yes, shampoo your hair less! Excessive shampooing during the winter months can strip your hair of the natural oils and moisture it needs. Now we aren't talking going a week without shampooing, just skip one…

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Teresa Tells All Dec 10, 2015 »


One of the first things I want to do in the evening, when I get home, is cleanse my face! I love the feeling of a clean face. It is refreshing if I am going to start my round two for the day and soothing if I am going to get on the couch under a blanket and relax.

The cosmetic industry is continually turning out a wide array of products to improve the condition and appearance of the skin. Today, I want to talk with you about cleansers, tonics and moisturizers.

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Holiday shopping made easy Dec 04, 2015 »

We all have people who are hard to shop for. If only there was something you could get men and women of all ages. Luckily, there is. People turn to massage for stress relief, pain reduction, and relaxation. Massage is appropriate for everyone from young to old to mommies to be to athletes. Massage is also beneficial for people living with conditions such as cancer, fibromyalgia, and arthritis.

Here are 3 reasons why a massage gift card should be at the top of your holiday gift list.

1.) THE…Click here to read more.

15 tips to get more from your massage Dec 01, 2015 »

Shawnda James, LMT discusses how you can relax your mind and body and get more from your massage.

1.) drink water before and after your massage

2.) breathe through the pain

3.) tell your therapist exactly what you want
4.) talk less, relax more
5.) don't think about your insecurities
6.) don't shave right before
7.) if you don't have time to shave, don't worry about it. Your therapist has seen worse
8.) turn your phone off
9.) don't eat right before
10.) be on time. It's hard to relax when you…Click here to read more.

Explaining your unexplained neck pain Nov 17, 2015 »

By Shawnda James

The dredded neck ache that you have no explanation for can be the worst. You know the one- where it's hard to turn your head and it's impossible to look up. But why are you having it? Did you sleep wrong? Maybe. Or maybe it's something else.

Today we're constantly using some sort of electronic advice. Tilting your head down for an extended amount of time that can cause what is most commonly known as "text neck."
How can you get rid of it? Research has shown the most effective…Click here to read more.

Skin Care 101 Oct 28, 2015 »

By. Teresa Branch


Today, I want to talk to you about skin care. There are so many products out there we don't understand or know when to use. I want to help you know what to use and when to use it. I want you to form a habit of a skin care regimen. Then, I want you to radiate the beauty of healthy and glowing skin!

Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are the basics of skin care. But, are you missing something? We should…

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3 things your body wants you to know Oct 27, 2015 »

By. Shawnda James

1.) you need to stretch! Just like you need your morning coffee- your muscles need to be stretched to wake up in the the morning. The same goes for any strenuous activity

2.) speaking of coffee your body hates caffeine. Caffeine can have all sorts of effects on your body such as loss of calcium, cause anxiety, reduce absorption of iron from your food, not to mention that you can become addicted and need more and more caffeine.

3.) you only get one body- take care of it! That…
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How to EASLY select the right shades of makeup Oct 23, 2015 »


By Teresa Branch
At some point in time, we all have wondered if we are selecting the best choice of eye, cheek, and lip color. I am going to give you a few basic guidelines to go by so you can look your best. I have included a color wheel for you to refer to as needed.

Learning the difference between warm and cool colors is the basis of all color selection. Understanding the difference will enable you to properly enhance your color choices.…Click here to read more.

If you use a blowdryer, READ THIS! Oct 17, 2015 »

Do you use heat to style your hair? Then this is a MUST read for you!

Two of the most damaging things that we can do to our hair are chemical services and using heat. While using heat for styling isn't something that is easily avoidable there is a simple answer to help fight back against the damage and color loss of heat, Heat Protectants! Crazy huh?!?! Now using a heat protectant isn't the be-all-end-all to hair care, but they will improve the health of your hair. Heat protectants help to…

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Barefoot Massage Oct 17, 2015 »

by. Shawnda James, LMT

Barefoot Bodyworks- that's something you don't hear very often. And there's a reason why! The massage therapist at Rouge Spa and Salon is the only one in the area that is certified in Barefoot Bodyworks.

But what is it? Barefoot Bodyworks, sometimes called ahh.. Shiatsu massage is performed with the therapist's feet. This allows the client to receive more pressure with less pain. This is because instead of receiving deep tissue using the therapist's pointy thumb or elbow…Click here to read more.

5 DONT'S of skin care Oct 14, 2015 »

5 DONT'S of Skin Care

By. Brittany Murray

As an esthetician, I hear some of my clients tell me their deep, dark skin secrets. Some of these are pretty common while some make me cringe on the inside. So I've put together a list of no-no's when it comes to your skin!

1. No Home Care Routine - I can't express how important it is to take care of your skin at home! I have so many clients who prefer a magic wand to wave over their skin and take away all signs of aging, hyper-pigmentation, and acne.…

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4 Reasons a Quick Massage Can Help Your Child Oct 10, 2015 »

By. Shawnda James, LMT

Today children are more active than ever. They get up early for school and then they don't get to bed until late due to homework and practices all day. It's no surprise that today's youth and children experience more stress than ever before. So why deprive them of the benefits of massage? Here are four reasons why you should take your child to see a massage therapist

•releases endorphins

•supports healthy muscle development

•reduces risk of spinal issues

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Things your hair wished you knew Oct 02, 2015 »

Written by. Shae Murphy

Have you ever asked yourself the question "Do I really need to use hair products?" If you have you definitely are not alone. The answer to that question is YES!!! Absolutely, without a doubt, yes your hair needs products in it. The benefits to hair products are endless, I could write such a long blog about the benefits of hair products but I will save you all some time and just hit the main points. We all use sunscreen and wear clothes for protection from the elements…

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Acrylic vs. Gel Nails Sep 30, 2015 »

by. Mckenna Parker

Acrylic nails VS. Gel polish
Most of us get the fake acrylic nails for certain occasions. But would you keep them on a daily basis? Maybe keep them on till they grow out. But acrylic nails have pros and cons.
Pro: • they are extensions for weak and brittle nails.
• good for occasions.
• breaks chewing habits.
Con: • damages natural nail.
• breeding ground for fungus and bacteria
• you could be…
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Cancer and Massage Sep 24, 2015 »

Written By: Shawnda James, LMT

Cancer: a word that nobody wants to hear or talk about, but almost l of us have been affected by it. Battling any illness comes with its own set of stress and anxieties, but cancer causes more stress than most illnesses. BMJ supportive and palliative care have published research showing that massage can help. Researchers believe that therapeutic massage in combination with standard care can reduce stress, pain, fatigue, and increase quality of life. Depending on…Click here to read more.

Hair Travel Must Haves Sep 22, 2015 »

Written by: Shae Murphy

Everyone travels, there's just no way around it! So here is a list of my 5 travel must haves that go on each trip with me and a quick how-to on them. I will them in the order of which I use them.

1. Full Bloom: spray on damp hair at the root for fuller, thicker hair. This thickening spray has a Shine of 8 and Hold of 4. Full Bloom will help your blow dry last up to 72 hours and has a 24 hour fragrance revival. This will give you just enough extra boost for your day.


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Should men get massages? Sep 18, 2015 »

Should men get massages?

By Shawnda James, LMT

The answer is an astounding yes! The real question is WHY should men get massages. So often I hear that massages are only for women. The reason for that is because when most people think of massage they think of a luxury instead of a necessity. The fact is that massages are a therapeutic experience that are key to every health regimen- male or female.

Some of the benefits of massage include softening tight or injured muscles, increasing range of…Click here to read more.

Hair FYI Sep 04, 2015 »


By Teresa Branch

Just as your clothing can reflect who you are, so can your hair. You will want your haircut to work with your own texture and wave pattern (natural or artificial), and be easy to maintain.

Average hair growth is one-half inch per month. With this in mind, you need to trim your hair every four to six weeks. Regular haircuts keep the lines and shape of the cut looking fresh and defined.

Now, about damaged and split ends. Hair is an appendage of the skin. After it…Click here to read more.

Rouge Stylist Attends EXCLUSIVE Training Aug 27, 2015 »

Local Hairstylist Attends Exclusive Training

To Learn Latest Trends in Hairstyling, Haircutting & Techniques

– For a hairstylist, education does not end when they finish cosmetology school. To be successful, they must constantly stay on top of the latest trends, techniques and styles in addition to learning how to grow their business. To do this, Paragould-based hairstylist Shae Murphy from Rouge Spa and Salon in Paragould attended an exclusive by invitation-only training from July…

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Dermatologist VS Esthetician Aug 25, 2015 »

Dermatologist vs Esthetician - What's the Difference?

Aside from the obvious medical degree, my clients tend to ask me this often. They want a description going beyond their title and schooling. A description that answers "what can each do for my specific skin concern?"

One major difference is the products they are recommending for their patient. A dermatologist can prescribe medications when a certain skin concern is not responding to over-the-counter or professional products. An example of…

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What products should you use for achy muscles? Jul 21, 2015 »

Triethanolamine. This chemical compound of ethylene oxide and ammonia (both very toxic) isn’t something you would expect to be in everyday products. But what are you really putting on your loved ones for backaches, joint pain, and muscle spasms?

Triethanolamine is one of the dangerous ingredients in bothBengay and Biofreeze. The FDA approves of this chemical with a concentration no higher than 5% for a brief amount of time, followed by rinsing the area. The side effects may include organ…

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What you NEED to know about Skin Cancer Jul 08, 2015 »

What is skin cancer?..

By Sarah Jane Lamb, Esthetician

Skin cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal skin cells. It occurs when unrepaired DNA damage to skin cells (most often caused by ultraviolet radiation from sunshine or tanning beds) triggers mutations, or genetic defects, that lead the skin cells to multiply rapidly and form malignant tumors.

Did you know? Over the last 3 decades, people have had more skin cancer than ALL OTHER CANCERS COMBINED! Now, it's fatality rate is nothing…
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Video Blog Introduction Jun 30, 2015 »

To make an appointment call us at 870-215-0663

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