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Head Lice FAQ Jul 15, 2019 »

Ready or not it is that time of year again: Back to School! It's hard to believe that our summer is already coming to a quick end. But with back to school approaching that also means, as parents, we start worrying about the ever dreaded head lice! Although there isn't an actual head lice "season", back to school brings all of our kiddos back together in close quarters which makes for the perfect environment for these creepy little critters! Here is a list of a few common misconceptions about…

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Dandruff myths and Facts Jun 10, 2019 »

What is dandruff?
The most common type of dandruff is Pityriasis Capitis Simplex- causes by oil from the sebaceous glands mixed with dead skin cells and/or product build up. The results in itchiness and flaking of the scalp. This type of dry dandruff can get worse due to dry skin,stress,poor diet,poor hygiene, and product buildup, sensitivity to products.

Common myths about dandruff and flaking
1. Some people believe you should scratch away the flakes before shampooing.
Myth: Roughing up the…
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What I've Learned in 14 years as a Hairstylist Jun 06, 2019 »

Becoming a hairstylist was always in the back of my mind. From a young age I was styling my barbies or applying makeup to my dolls. By the time I was 13, I had given my best friend bangs and did her hair and makeup for a school dance. After I graduated high school, got married, and had been fired from the second job I had ever had it was time to figure this whole adulting thing out. I had no idea what I was going to do. I felt lost. It was my sister who nudged me to follow my dreams and I am so…

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Healthiest Sleeping Positions Oct 13, 2016 »

Healthiest Sleeping Positions

Your most loved sleeping pose could be giving you back and neck pain, stomach problems, even premature wrinkles. Discover the best sleeping position for your body- plus the one you may want to avoid.

GOOD: Sleeping on the back

Prevents neck & back pain: by maintaining a neutral position for head, neck, and spine

Reduces acid reflux: by keeping your head elevated below your stomach.

Minimizes wrinkles: as in you don’t have anything pushing against your face

Bad for:…

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Stronger hair? Sep 03, 2016 »

Let's face it, we put our hair through the ringer on a daily basis. Weather it's with hit styling tools, brushing to roughly or chemical service after chemical service, our hair goes through a lot! Wouldn't it be fantastic if there was a simple 3 step system that can reduce the damage up to 80%*? Look no farther, Strong Sexy Hair is here to save the day!! Made with Aloe Vera and Mango Butter Strong Sexy Hair is able to restore and prevent further breakage while bringing flexibility back into…

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