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3 Winter Hair Tips
Winter hair

3 Winter Hair Tips

Does the cold winter weather have your hair feeling dry and brittle? These 3 simple tips will help you combat the winter dryness.

1. Regular Trims- Keeping your hair trimmed regularly will reduce the look of dry and frizzy ends by snipping away the split ends off your hair.

2. Shampoo Less- Yes, shampoo your hair less! Excessive shampooing during the winter months can strip your hair of the natural oils and moisture it needs. Now we aren't talking going a week without shampooing, just skip one day, use some Dry Shampoo to absorb oils and it will also leave you with some added volume throughout the day!

3. Deep Conditioning/Moisturizing Masqus- These two treatments are great for bringing your hair back to life! After you are done shampooing your hair apply a deep conditioner and let it set in your hair for 3 to 5 minutes to allow your hair to absorb all the nutrients it has to offer. Then rinse with cool water to help close the cuticle layer of the hair down, trapping the moisture in the hair for healthy, shiny, moisturized hair! If you don't have a deep conditioning or moisturizing masque just use your regular conditioner and let it set and rise before getting out.

We hope these simple tips will help you fight your dry hair blues this winter. For any questions please call Rouge Spa and Salon at 215-0663.

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