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One of the first things I want to do in the evening, when I get home, is cleanse my face! I love the feeling of a clean face. It is refreshing if I am going to start my round two for the day and soothing if I am going to get on the couch under a blanket and relax.

The cosmetic industry is continually turning out a wide array of products to improve the condition and appearance of the skin. Today, I want to talk with you about cleansers, tonics and moisturizers.

Cleansers are designed for every skin type and skin condition and come in three basic forms: face wash, cleansing lotion and cleansing cream.

Face wash is a detergent-type foaming cleanser with a neutral or slightly acidic pH and will vary in strength and texture. The consistency of face wash is very much like that of soap. When water is added, it foams moderately. When cleansing is done, it rinses off completely, leaving the skin feeling fresh and clean but often a little tight. The danger of a face wash is that it can over dry the skin.

Cleansing lotion is formulated to remove make-up and soil. It is a water based emulsion that can be used twice a day on normal and combination skin. Cleansing lotion can be applied with damp cotton pads or with your hands and should always be removed with a damp soft cloth, cotton or sponges. Additional ingredients may be added to cleansing lotions to suit certain skin conditions such as sensitivity, dehydration or capillary problems.

Cleansing cream is light-textured, oil-based emulsion used primarily to dissolve make-up and soil quickly. It is suitable for basic skin cleansing twice a day on very dry and mature skin. It is considerably heavier than cleansing lotions. A cleansing cream must be used with a sponge or soft cloth; otherwise you run the risk of leaving a residue on the skin. Cleansing creams should be followed by a tonic that is strong enough to remove any residue.

Tonics are classified as fresheners, toners and astringents. They all are essentially the same type of product and perform three specific functions.

  1. They remove excess cleanser and residue left behind by face wash cleansers.
  2. They have a relatively low pH, helping to restore the skin's natural pH after cleansing.
  3. They have a temporary tightening effect on both the skin and the individual follicle openings, helping to temporarily "shrink pores."

Tonics vary in strength and alcohol content. They can be applied to the face with a cotton pad or can be sprayed directly onto the skin.

Fresheners have the lowest alcohol content of 0 to 4 percent and are beneficial for dry and mature skin as well as for sensitive skin conditions.

Toners usually have an alcohol content of 4 to 15 percent and are designed for use on normal and combination skin.

Astringents may have an alcohol content of up to 35 percent and are used for oily or acne-prone skin.

Moisturizers are products formulated to add moisture to the skin. Day-time moisturizers are water-based emulsions, which are absorbed quickly without leaving any residue on the surface of the skin. Night-time moisturizing creams are often heavier in consistency and texture. They are designed to hydrate and condition the skin during the night.

Hopefully, this will help you with choosing the regimen that suits your skin care needs. As I said before, cleansing, toning and moisturizing are the basics of skin care. If you ever have a question, contact an esthetician for you skin care needs.

Now, GO!! Cleanse your face and enjoy the refreshing and soothing benefits it offers!!

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