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Things your hair wished you knew

Things your hair wished you knew

Written by. Shae Murphy

Have you ever asked yourself the question "Do I really need to use hair products?" If you have you definitely are not alone. The answer to that question is YES!!! Absolutely, without a doubt, yes your hair needs products in it. The benefits to hair products are endless, I could write such a long blog about the benefits of hair products but I will save you all some time and just hit the main points. We all use sunscreen and wear clothes for protection from the elements right? So why not give your hair the same courtesy? Your hair is just as susceptible to UV, heat and environmental damages as our skin and eyes. One of the most important hair products you should own is a heat protectant; for example: Sexy Hair 450 Protect, which does exactly what it says; protects your hair from heat. A heat protectant allows you to blow dry, flat iron, curl, crimp, wave or do whatever kind of heated styling to your hair while giving it the protection that it needs from that heat. Another typical issue I have noticed is dry, frizzy, unmanageable hair. A great product for that is a smoothing masque, for example: Sexy Hair Smooth Encounter. The benefits to a smoothing masque are again, just like it sounds; smooths and calms the hair. Your hair is made of 3 layers: cuticle, medulla and the cortex. The cuticle is the outermost layer of your hair that typically gets the brunt if the damage. A smoothing masque will help to lay the cuticle layer of your hair down, trapping the moisturizing properties of the products in the hair leaving the hair looking smooth, shiny, and more manageable. And lastly: hair spray. Everyone needs a good dependable hairspray. Hairspray as everyone knows helps to hold your style in place. Some other benefits of hairsprays, for example: Sexy Hair Soy Touchable; is that it can protect the hair from UV rays and also has a heat protectant in it as well. Using a lighter hold hairspray will give you just enough hold to manage fly-aways and help keep the hair manageable, with a more flexible hold; a stronger hold hairspray will have more of a hold to ensure the hair stays in it's place and holds the style you're wanting to achieve. Now most people like to see things in order to really believe them, I can't blame you! So below is a picture of my 5 year old daughter school taken at about 4:45pm, after she had been at school all day, after recess, after playing outside with her brother when we got home at 3, and after being a typical 5 year old. Now, Haley has fine, thin hair and won't do what you want it to do. So that morning when I curled it at 7am I decided I needed to use a little bit a product, I only used two products: Sexy Hair 450 Heat Protectant sprayed over each layer before curling, and Sexy Hair Spray and Play to finish everything off. And after a day at Pre-K she still has curls! So I will leave you with this: Do you really need hair products?

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