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What products should you use for achy muscles?
Having back pains.

What products should you use for achy muscles?

Triethanolamine. This chemical compound of ethylene oxide and ammonia (both very toxic) isn’t something you would expect to be in everyday products. But what are you really putting on your loved ones for backaches, joint pain, and muscle spasms?

Triethanolamine is one of the dangerous ingredients in bothBengay and Biofreeze. The FDA approves of this chemical with a concentration no higher than 5% for a brief amount of time, followed by rinsing the area. The side effects may include organ system toxicity and data gaps. Cosmetic database ratestriethanolamine as a moderate hazard.

Biofreeze includes two different dyes:

Blue #1
banned in both France and Finland

may cause chromosomal damage

Caused kidney tumors in mice
Yellow #5

Banned in Norway

May cause allergies

May cause neurochemical and behavioral effects

Thyroid tumors



Chromosomal damage

Aggression, violent behavior



For centuries the native tribes of northern Mexico have been using plant extracts to relieve pain. With that knowledge and modern science, a unique formula was created blending plant extracts with safe and effective ingredients. With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing high quality products scientist created Sombra. Sombra Natural Pain Relieving Gels are paraben free, alcohol free, non- greasy, and non-staining with a citrus sent. Ingredients include all natural ingredients such as grapefruit, green tea extract, orange peel extract, lemon peel extract, queen of prairie plant extract, and rose water. Available in cool therapy and warm therapy.

Sombra Cool Therapy

Helps alleviate acute pain caused by swelling and inflammation

Provides controlled cooling without freezing or irritating your skin

Great for post-exercise cool down to minimize next-day aches and pains

Natural lemon aroma

Sombra Warm Therapy
Works best for chronic muscle pain and joint pain
Aids in restoring range of motion and improves circulation

Perfect for loosening up tight muscles before exercise
Natural orange aroma

Sombra natural pain reliving gel is available only through professionals.

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