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Straighten Up

Straighten Up! You may want to sit down for this!

I vividly remember my middle school principal constantly saying, "Boys don't like girls that slouch!"

"Push your shoulders back! Sitting up straight is more appealing," fast forward a few years and I would hear my dance coach say those words.
But they got it wrong. Slouching may be unattractive but there are a lot of better reasons why you should improve your posture

1.) Deepens depression
San Fransisco Sate University recently conducted a study that showed people who slouched more showed an increase of symptoms of depression and lower energy.

2.) Backs you up
When you are sitting in a crunched position your intestines fold up as well. This can cause everything to slow down.

3.) Slowly kills you
An Australian study shows that every hour you sit slouched you decrease your life expectancy by 21.8 minutes!

4.) Stresses you out
A Harvard study showed people who sit straight showed a 25% drop in cortisol levels

5.)Neck Pain
Your neck is suppose to slightly curve. When your shoulders slouch it takes away the curve in your neck which leads to tighter muscles. Tighter muscles= more pain

Massage can help improve your posture by loosening the muscles in your neck and shoulders. For more information call Rouge Spa and Salon!
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