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Dandruff Myths and Facts
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Dandruff myths and Facts

What is dandruff?
The most common type of dandruff is Pityriasis Capitis Simplex- causes by oil from the sebaceous glands mixed with dead skin cells and/or product build up. The results in itchiness and flaking of the scalp. This type of dry dandruff can get worse due to dry skin,stress,poor diet,poor hygiene, and product buildup, sensitivity to products.

Common myths about dandruff and flaking
1. Some people believe you should scratch away the flakes before shampooing.
Myth: Roughing up the surface of your scalp and hair can cause irritation, pain, may cause infection, not to mention this could make the flakes worse because the scalp is trying to protect and heal itself. Step away from the rat tail comb!!
2. Dandruff is contagious
Myth: However it is important to know that itchy flaking scalp isn’t always dandruff, it could be a condition that is contagious.
3. Dandruff is caused by poor hygiene
This is kind of true, not washing your hair on a regular basis,or relying to heavily on dry shampoo can affect scalp health. But these factors are more likely the cause of dandruff : using low quality shampoo, using low quality conditioner directly on the scalp not just on the hair.
4. Weather can affect dandruff
This is true.
Just as our skin is affected by the cold weather, the drier air can cause dry scalp too.
5. Diet can effect dandruff
This is true.
Nutrition plays an important role in scalp health, just as it does the rest of our body. Drink plenty of water, avoid salty and fried food, coffee, eat foods rich in vitamin A,B,and C.
6. Dandruff causes hair loss
Although people tend to notice dandruff along with hair loss and assume that the dandruff is the cause. Hair loss and dandruff have the same triggers, such as stress and poor diet.
7. To treat dandruff use dandruff shampoo head and shoulders.
Dandruff shampoos are very drying and can cause your hair to become brittle.

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