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Strong hair?
Strong hair

Stronger hair?

Let's face it, we put our hair through the ringer on a daily basis. Weather it's with hit styling tools, brushing to roughly or chemical service after chemical service, our hair goes through a lot! Wouldn't it be fantastic if there was a simple 3 step system that can reduce the damage up to 80%*? Look no farther, Strong Sexy Hair is here to save the day!! Made with Aloe Vera and Mango Butter Strong Sexy Hair is able to restore and prevent further breakage while bringing flexibility back into the hair. Why Mango Butter and not oil? Butters typically have more nourishing and repairing properties than oils, with Mango Butter it targets damaged, sensitized hair. Did you know Aloe Vera contains 19-22 known Amino Acids? Amino Acids play such an important role in rebuilding the hair back to a healthy state. Strong Sexy Hair is proven to reduce damage up to 80% after just ONE use with the Shampoo, Conditioner and Core Flex anti-breakage leave in Reconstructor, but it doesn't stop there! The Core Strength Masque will add more reparative benefits if used in place of the conditioner. Everyone knows that I (Shae) change the color of my hair "occasionally"(yea, yea) but with using Strong Sexy Hair in my daily hair routine I have been able to maintain the integrity of my hair throughout each process. Don't believe me, come by the shop and run your fingers through my hair!

*80% breakage in one use is based on results using Shampoo, Conditioner and Core Flex Anti-breakage Leave-in.

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