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Stop shopping at Walmart

Stop shopping at Walmart

Okay, not completely stop shopping there. I may have been exaggerating, but stop going for your skin and hair care. I'm not talking about just Walmart here. I'm saying stop going places where you won't have one on one care from a trained professional. Why? Because more than likely you aren't going to look at your Tarte foundation, which is called the "good-for you-glamor" and know if cyclopentasiloxane is actually natural (hint: it's not). "What about hair care?" You ask, "Why can I buy name brand products from drug stores at the same price?" Great question. What happens is that the world's least threatening black market underlords will buy salon products from a legitimate distributor, then set them aside in a warehouse for years until the barcode expires so they can't be tracked. During this time, not only does the barcode expire but so does the product inside, warping from heat or just the cruel sands of time into something that is an ineffective shadow of its former self. If that isn't shady, I'm not sure what is.

It is extremely important to keep in mind that everything you put on your skin or scalp (makeup, hair products, sunscreen) is going to be metabolized through your WHOLE BODY! That's right, at this second your body is straining to fight that nasty gunk you put on your face this morning. Skin and hair care professionals have had intense training on what is and it's the good for you. They can discuss the benefits each of their products have for you and what the ingredients are. Think about that the next time you consider buying makeup at the same place you buy your toilet paper.
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