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Explaining your unexplained neck pain
Having neck pains.

Explaining your unexplained neck pain

By Shawnda James

The dredded neck ache that you have no explanation for can be the worst. You know the one- where it's hard to turn your head and it's impossible to look up. But why are you having it? Did you sleep wrong? Maybe. Or maybe it's something else.

Today we're constantly using some sort of electronic advice. Tilting your head down for an extended amount of time that can cause what is most commonly known as "text neck."
How can you get rid of it? Research has shown the most effective way to relieve this pain is to stretch your neck, receive massages, and use a neck pillow.
How can you prevent it? Be aware of your body! Are you straining your neck to look down at a computer screen? Add books underneath your computer screen to make it eye level. When you are using your phone a lot hold it up so you're not looking down.
Rouge Spa and Salon offers massages starting at thirty five dollars and neck pillows are available.
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