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5 DO NOTS of Skin Care
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5 DONT'S of skin care

5 DONT'S of Skin Care

By. Brittany Murray

As an esthetician, I hear some of my clients tell me their deep, dark skin secrets. Some of these are pretty common while some make me cringe on the inside. So I've put together a list of no-no's when it comes to your skin!

1. No Home Care Routine - I can't express how important it is to take care of your skin at home! I have so many clients who prefer a magic wand to wave over their skin and take away all signs of aging, hyper-pigmentation, and acne. While that would certainly make my job easier, I can't make that happen for you. However, I can give you something pretty close! Being consistent with a home-care routine will bring the vitality back to your skin! At Rouge Spa & Salon we offer Eminence Organic Skin Care Products that give you the maximum results you're looking for! As always, feel free to come by for a skin analysis so our esthetician can suggest the best home care routine for you!

2. Don't be a PICKER - Picking, popping, or scratching at blemishes can cause irritation, long-term damage, and spreading of bacteria. If you are prone to break outs make sure you are using the right product that isn't too harsh on your skin. I see lots of clients who are trying their best with the products they have but they are only making their problem worse with the wrong products. At Rouge we offer facials where we preform extractions. We also use high frequency if not contraindicated.

3. Don't forget your SPF! - The majority of pre-mature aging can be contributed to the sun. Even just a few minutes in the sun with out protection can lead to wrinkles, dark spots, freckles, and blotchy skin. Rouge Spa & Salon is proud to carry Jane Iredale - the skin care makeup. They have several foundations that are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

4. Don't use drugstore products or order products from TV - Lets say you have purchased a dress. You spent quite a bit of money on it. After wearing it do you go home and wash it, iron it, etc to get it ready to wear daily? No, you aren't going to wear the same outfit everyday. However, you are wearing your skin daily! Shouldn't you take care of it? So skin care isn't the place to be looking for the best bargain. Additionally, buying skin care from a professional (this does not include the folks on HSN) is a sure way to make sure the money you are spending is put to good use. Buying skin care from the industry's professionals will not only ensure you are using the right products for your skin but the products will also have more active ingredients so you are getting maximum results!

5. Don't sleep in your makeup - Your skin restores itself at night while you sleep. Sleeping in your makeup can hinder the skins natural regeneration process. This can cause premature aging and clogged pores. Sleeping in eye makeup can also cause issues with your eyes and the hair follicles around the eye. So don't forget that nightly skin care routine. You could use 5 minutes to yourself anyway, right?

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