Shae Summer 2019

Shae Murphy, Stylist

Shae Murphy is a life long native of Paragould where she married Jeff Murphy of Walnut Ridge. Together they have 2 children, Haley and Reed.

Shae graduated Paragould High School in 2005, where after she followed a short carrier in the medical field working on the Ambulance then in the Emergency department before graduating Hair Tech Cosmetology School in 2013.

Since Shae has been doing hair she has accomplished many, many extraordinary things. Shae attended a hands on class taught by Cosmetology Lifetime Achievement Award Winning Stylist Sam Villa in the fall of 2014. This class taught finishing techniques and detail in each step along the way while doing upstyles. In 2015 Shae was chosen to become a Sexy Hair Educator with the Sexy Hair Product Company out of California. While working with the company Shae made many trips to Los Angeles and Santa Monica, CA and Austin, TX for continued education. She also traveled to different states teaching other stylists the latest and greatest of Sexy Hair products and styling. While Shae loved her time at Sexy Hair, there came a time in life that she needed to step back and focus more time on her family and her clientele.

Shae has become such a huge fan of the fun, fashion, vibrant colors, but ALL things hair are Shae's passion! She wants to focus on her client's, their wishes and their hair. Shae adds, "While I loved traveling and all the endless knowledge that was constantly being giving to me, I felt it was time to slow down and bring the focus back to the people who make my job what it is and possible. My clients are my extended family and what make it what it is." Her latest achievement was recently earning the title of Best Hairstylist for Premiere Magazine in 2017.

If you are interested in seeing more of Shae's work you cam follow her on Facebook, or on her Instagram page @HairByShae10 or search #HairByShae on Facebook or Instagram.