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Soothing Massages

Each massage is designed specifically for each clients needs.

Relaxation Massage

This massage is designed to relax joints and muscles with light, therapeutic touch.

Deep Tissue

This massage is designed for people who have more specific problems they would like to have worked out. This technique requires heavier pressure. Therapist may use forearms, elbows, and massage tools to achieve maximum results.

Raindrop Technique

This unique treatment combines the healing power of nine essential oils. This technique may align the spine and relax the muscles without manipulating the joints.

Hot Stone

The therapist uses warmed rocks to soothe muscle pain.

Barefoot Massage

Barefoot massage (also called Ashiatsu) is an ancient art of massage from Asia. The therapist uses her feet to apply relaxing strokes to the entire body. This compression massage is great for those who participate in sports or have stressful lives. Our massage therapist is the only certified barefoot bodyworker in Northeast Arkansas.


Pressure is applied to specific areas of the hands and feet that correlate with areas of the body.

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Massage FAQs

What are the benefits of a massage?

Massages help soothe aches and pains, as well as help relieve stress, boost immunity and improve sleep. To learn more about what they can do for you, contact us to talk with our massage therapist.

How often should I receive a massage?

This depends on you as far as what you are needing worked on. However, it is recommended once per month or once every 3 months.